Burning process fails during CD / DVD writing

by Rohit Khurana on December 17, 2007



How many times it happens that you are writing a disc / burning a disc and it abruptly fails. The CD / DVD becomes corrupt and is no more usable. Well lets look at some common reasons for the same and ways to prevent the same.


The most common reasons for the disc writing failure are:

  1. Insufficient space on C-drive (hard disk partition containing operating system, maybe different from C-drive in some cases).This is so because many DVD / CD writing software use this drive to buffer the contents to be written on the disc.
    • FIX: Make sure there is sufficient space in C drive.
  2. High speed writing of disc may also cause problems as some of the media are not of very good quality to support high speed writing.
    • FIX: Use medium speeds preferably if the disc writing is failing.
  3. Sometimes the bus cable is shared between your CD/DVD writer and other discs. This may cause problems as the data flow may get corrupt while writing the disc.
    • FIX: Try to use a dedicated bus cable for CD/DVD writer drive.
  4. CD/DVD writer lens is dirty.
    • FIX: If the lens cleaning is required that can be done by following these steps.
  5. Faulty CD/DVD writer.
    • FIX: Get it repaired / replaced.

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can u tell me how much space is needed in the C drive to workout this thing ??


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