Can not read DVD image file saved on hard disk

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on January 28, 2008



Do you make images of a DVD on your hard disk and try to mount that image with some tool like virtual drive or Nero drive. Normally we like to make images of video or games DVD on the hard disk.

Have you ever experienced a problem when your computer is not able to read the image file after it has been created ?

This problem occurs to all those users who have FAT32 or other older types of hard disk file system and image file is greater than 4 GB ( gigabytes) in size. Well the reason is quite simple, lets see.


Can you guess the trouble ?

The secret lies in the maximum file size supported by FAT32 file system. The maximum file size supported by FAT32 partition is just a little less (2 bytes) than 4 GB. Thus in case the size of DVD image is greater than 4GB, it can not be read from a FAT32 partition.


What is the way out ?

  1. Use DVD instead of the image file.
  2. Store the DVD image on a NTFS drive partition which can store files greater than 4GB.
  3. In case of no NTFS drive partition available, convert the existing FAT32 into NTFS partition.
    • Warning: If this partition contains Windows operating system installed, then you need to install windows again after format. So make sure you use this method only if it is absolutely necessary.
    • First of all back up all the data on FAT32 drive on a removable media. Then format this partition and select the new file system as NTFS.

We Hope this helps to fix the trouble.

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