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by Rohit Khurana on November 4, 2010


We need to explain or discuss the topics with our friends and colleagues through internet. And one of the very easy way is to use the screenshots. We have a large number of softwares available for the screenshots. But sometimes we need some additional features after the snapshot is taken. Moreover, using other tools while working online creates disturbance. So, Explain and Send Screenshots is a wonderful google chrome extension. It will allow you to work online without any inconvenience.

Explain and Send Screenshots is a very small tool and will be downloaded very soon. It is directly installed on google chrome and will be present on the top right corner of the browser. It can be used to take the snapshot of the webpage in different ways. The tool with its various options has been shown in the snapshot below.

It shows that you can take the screenshot in three different ways and also upload the image.

  • Grab visible part of this page: To take the screenshot of the region shown in the browser.
  • Grab a selected area: To take the screenshot of desired region only.
  • Grab The entire page: To take the screenshot of the complete webpage. Now, you need not to take the many screenshots of the webpage because the scroller interrupts. It will cover the entire page.
  • Upload Image.

The webpage will be opened in a new tab as shown in the screenshot below.

Explain and Send Screenshots - Google Chrome_2010-10-27_14-54-57


Now you can make the changes in the screenshot with the help of the toolbar. The toolbar and options have been highlighted. The toolbar has been clearly shown below.


The seven tools in the middle can be screenshot will help to make the screenshot more explanatory.

  1. Cut the selected part which you don’t want to display or shift to some other region.
  2. Draw a arrow.
  3. Draw a circle or oval.
  4. Draw a rectangle.
  5. Draw a straight line.
  6. Draw according to the movement of the pointer.
  7. Use the text box.

You can change the colour of the drawings or the text with colour box shown next to it. The first two buttons are to undo the actions. You can replace everything from the snapshot, if it does not fit with it with the help of first one. And the second will help you to undo with one click and redo with further click on it. After the screenshot is complete, click on done. Then right click on the screenshot to save it.

The complete example of the screenshot with some required alterations has been shown below.


Apart from that you can use some options available. Click on Options on the right corner, and you will get them as shown.


Also, you can do the editing by using Advanced editing in Pixlr.

Install Explain and Send Screenshots

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