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by Rohit Khurana on September 11, 2010


If you want to take picture of any of the web page or want to convert your saved HTML pages into the image format, then today we are going to tell you about a tool named SiteShoter which can capture images of all your saved and live web pages.

SiteShoter is a very small tool that allows you to take the screenshot of any of desired web page or even your saved web pages in HTML form, and then convert them into the image files with format (.png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp or .gif). In Windows you can take snapshots of web pages or saved HTML pages by using keyboard shortcut Alt+Prtnt Scrn and then open paint and then press Ctrl+V and then save the image to any of desired format, but to ease all your job use SiteShoter.

It is a very simple tool and requires no installation. You can use this tool in user interface mode, or you can even run this tool in command-line mode using command prompt without displaying any user interface. When you run the exe file of this tool, you will see a window as follow.

07-09-2010 20-31-57

Now to take snapshot of any of the webpage, type its web address in the Single URL bar and and go to Filename and from browse select the location where you want to save the image and then choose a name for that image.

07-09-2010 20-36-24

Now below it you will see various options to adjust the resolution and quality of your image. Hence you can customize options like Width, Height, JPEG Quality, Timeout, Image size etc. Once you done with all the options, click on start which is located on the bottom of the screen and then this tool will take few seconds to take the image and save it to mentioned location.

07-09-2010 20-42-36


The basic functionality of this tool is that it automatically creates a hidden window of your Internet explorer and loads the desired page, and then automatically save the entire web content in the image form. So once it complete this process, it will save that image with mentioned name to the file location which you have entered. You can see an example below to see how this tool takes snapshot.


You can even take snapshot automatically in specific time intervals. For enabling this option just click on option Take snapshot of this web page every and then choose the timings after which you want this tool to take the snapshot. Like our troublefixers.com keeps on updating from time to time, so you can fill this option to take snapshot of every update on any web site after some regular interval of time.

07-09-2010 22-03-38

This option could be very useful for you if you see online cricket score or if you deal with stock exchange. You can not only take screenshot of live web pages, but can even convert your saved HTML pages to image files. To do so, under URLs file browse to location where you have save your pages, and then select location where you want to save the image files. Then this tool will automatically convert all your pages to images. You can use further options to customize the size and resolutions of your images.

07-09-2010 22-04-59

The size of this tool is just 85.6 Kb and it requires no installation. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on windows 7- 32 bit edition.

Download SiteShoter

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