Need To Change Computer’s MAC Address ?

by Rohit Khurana on September 28, 2010


MAC (Media Access Control) Address is supposed to be a permanent and globally unique identification associated with a network adapter, but it is possible to change the MAC address on most of today’s hardware.

We have earlier reviewed about a tool for doing MAC address Spoofing in the article View And Change MAC Address Of Any Network Interface With Free DynaMAC Tool which does not have much options to explore. In solution to this, we are reviewing about a new tool called Mac MakeUp with a variety of features.

Mac MakeUp is a smart utility which basically allows you to choose a new MAC address. it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Since, it deals with network administrator and Internet security issues so, it needs administrator privilege to run it. The main window will look like this. You first have to select the adapter from the list. The number of all the adapters can be seen in the bottom line of the log window.

In the list of adapters, you can omit the virtual adapters by enabling the ‘Filter virtual interfaces’. ‘Virtual’ adapters mean which are not seen as hardware like dial up adapters.


You can add the new MAC address in the space shown. The manufacturer of this address will be generated automatically. You can also generate the new MAC address randomly in the option ‘Generate Random’ which will show you the list from where you can select your random option.



After selecting the desired MAC address, just click ‘Change’. You can also get back to the original MAC address by selecting ‘Remove’.

There is an option of ‘Extra info’ which does not work and stops the working of the application.

The option of ‘Auto Nic off/on’ lets you disable/enable the network interface when you change its address. With this option the change will be immediate and there will be no need to open network connections applet or use external tools.

The ‘Cycle interface now’ just disables/enables the interface when you press it. The log window also provides the option of saving it to other location by just pressing the right-click in the log window.


There are additional IP features which let you enable, disable or configure several aspect of Windows IP networking. There will be three types of items. Red items are undefined, blue ones are currently undefined whereas black items are currently defined.

TIP: It is advisable to make a backup of current settings with the option of ‘backup current settings’ before experimenting with these options.


This tool also provides command line usage. You can view the commands in the ‘About Mac Makeup’ option present at the top of main window which will open a new window.


Download Mac MakeUp

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