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by Rohit Khurana on May 10, 2012


Gmail is one of the most popular email services quite popular with people from all the walks of life, be it students, professionals, home users or any other general users. But one of the thing which annoys almost all of them is the way the interface or the look of Gmail keep changing from time to time. For frequent users who use Gmail very often, it is comparatively easier to adjust to these changes, but for those who use email once in a while (yes there are people like that too, don’t be so astonished), a new interface almost every other time can be annoying. For frequent users as well, a change in look or theme makes thing uncomfortable at times. In this article, I will share a simple solution or workaround to get the old Gmail theme or old classic layout back. Although Gmail did provide an option to revert to the old look, but it does not provide that option any more, which is why there are some workarounds being used for the same.

Gmail New Look

image – New Gmail layout and looks

A simple Google Chrome / Firefox Extension called the Stylish allows you to install custom styles or style sheets which helps you get the old Gmail look back. In simple words, a style-sheet is a simple set of rules which control the looks (layout and visual elements) of a website. If the Stylish extension allows to use a customized (3rd party) style sheet for Gmail rather than using the new Gmail style-sheet which is why it can revert the looks to old looks.

Simply Follow these simple 3 steps to get the old look of Gmail in your Google Chrome Browser:

Step1: Add Stylish Extension For Google Chrome / or Stylish For Firefox.

Stylisg Extension

Step 2: Install the “Return of Old Gmail style


Install Return Old Gmail Style

Step 3: Go to Gmail Settings > Themes and select Light Theme. This is it, you are done.

Gmail themes

Select Light Theme

After this the Gmail will look something like the old classic Gmail layout.

Gmail Classic Look

Additional Tip :

You can change the spacing between the emails to show more or less emails on the same screen of the Inbox by changing the Display Density in Gmail.

Display density in gmail

Hope you find this tutorial useful. Do check out some more Gmail Tips and Tricks by TroubleFixers.

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