Change, Replace Hard Disk Drive Letters In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on March 14, 2011


Many a times it happens that we get confused with the large drives network in our system. It becomes difficult to remember about the exact location of the data. Specially, if we have too large hard drives. Initially, we are happy for the large memory space availability. But after that we need that the changes are necessary. In that case if we have to pluggin all the drives and then make the changes, it will be very tedious. So today, I would like to introduce a utility known as DriveLetterView to handle all these problems in a user friendly manner. You can change the drive letters very easily. The drives can be your local drives, USB drives, remote network drives and the CD/ DVD drives. The application can be used even if the drive is not plugged in.

Drive Letter View is a very small freeware of 68 KB only. It is a portable tool. You just have to run the exe file and all the drive letters will be displayed for you.  The application has been displayed in the snapshot below.



Now, you can easily make the modifications wherever you want to. Remember, for Windows Vista/ 7/ 2008, you have to run the tool with admin rights. Otherwise you can only view the drives but the changes you want to make are not allowed. The utility will display all the drives i.e. local drive, remote network drive USB drives and others if any. Also, you can remove the USB drives which you will not use in future. Simply select the drive and select the option “Delete Selected Drive Letter”. Apart from that, you can export the list of drives to text/ csv/ hml and xml file.

There are few restrictions that you have to take care of while using the utility. You can’t change or remove the drive letter of a local hard drive. Also, the two drives can’t be assigned the same drive letters. The tool is embedded with the hotkeys as well. These are as F9 to change the drive letter, Ctrl + Plus for the Auto Size Columns and others are similar as in all applications. I found the tool to be very easy to use and simple.

The freeware can be translated to other languages also which makes it more beneficial. It has been tested on Windows 7. It is compatible with all all the versions starting from Windows 2000.

Download DriveLetterView

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