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by Rohit Khurana on September 27, 2009



Last night I got a mail from one our reader named Puneet who has just started a WordPress blog and he is not familiar with WordPress functions in the depth right now, so he need a little help regarding the WordPress editor where he writes his post on for his blog.


This are the actual problem he described to us in his mail, he said

When ever I login to WordPress dashboard then I navigate to make a new post I see the editor size quite small so I resize it as per my needs but when I log in back after some time, I again need to resize it – the editor size does not remain intact

This is quite simple and easy to solve problem for people who are using WordPress from a long time, but for new users of WordPress like Puneet it could be difficult to guess how to solve it.


This is the first time we are discussing a WordPress related problem here at TroubleFixers, so from now on we will start answering your questions related to WordPress also. Let’s discuss how to solve this problem.



By default in WordPress, the editor size or the post box in other words is adequate to display 30 lines of text, so if you want to see a bigger post box you just need to increase the number of lines to 60 or more.


Follow the procedure below to increase the size of post box in WordPress

1. Login to you WordPress dashboard and then navigate to Settings >> Writing [ irrespective of what ever WordPress version installed on your server path will remain the same ]

2. There you will see the first option which says something like size of the post box [ 30 ]

{ as show in the image below }


2. Now click the Save Settings button at the end of the page, that’s it you will now see the larger post box WordPress editor always when you log in.

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