How Hot Is My CPU ? Check Processor Temperature

by Rohit Khurana on September 9, 2010


There are times when our computer’s temperature reaches an alarming limit and start giving poor performance but we are unaware of the fact that it is due the rise in temperature. So, it becomes necessary to keep an eye on the computer’s temperature.

If we do this thing manually we will not be able to get an exact value of temperature. So, its better to use CoreTemp which is a compact tool to monitor our CPU temperature.

We have also already reviewed about similar tool CPUTempWatch, HW Monitor earlier.

CoreTemp is a simple tool with a unique feature that it shows the temperature of each individual core in each processor in the system. We can actually see the variation in CPU temperature in real time when we load its CPU. The best part is that it is completely motherboard independent.

It works on Windows XP/2003/vista as well as windows 7(both 32 and 64 bit) versions.

As you will unzip the downloaded file, the application will appear to be like this. It provides you the option of ‘Logging on’ by which you can easily record the temperature of your processor over any period of time.


You don’t have to use another program to check your system information. This utility provides the option of ‘system information’ using F3.


There is also an option of extracting your data and transferring it to notepad where you can save it for analyzing purpose. You can do this in the option ‘register dumb’ or by pressing F7.



It also provides you the option of ‘screenshot’(F9) for taking the screenshot of your utility. The screenshot will appear like this.


There is an added feature for windows 7 users ‘windows 7 taskbar’ in which you can see the temperature, frequency, CPU load. It also provides the option of not hiding the taskbar when minimized so that we can always see it in our windows bar when it is minimized.


It also provides the option of ‘Toggle Minim ode’ in which it gets converted into its miniature form so that we can be able to put it in our sidebar and can always see the performance of our CPU.


There are other options of ‘overheat protection’, ‘settings’ and ‘system tray setup’ by which you can personalize your monitoring and can enable only those parameters which are important for you. With these features you can also disable the core whose performance you don’t want to see.

Download CoreTemp 0.99.7( 32-bit version) |Download CoreTemp 0.99.7 ( 64-bit version)

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