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by Rohit Khurana on October 7, 2010


Random Access Memory (RAM) is volatile memory which stores data temporarily i.e all information is lost when you switch off the power.  It is called Random because it takes the form of IC’s that allow stored data to be accessed in any random order. Hence it returns data in a fixed time interval regardless of the storage location of data.

There are plenty of tools available using which you can see every attribute of your system, but rarely any tool gives a detail information about RAM. So to obtain all the information about RAM, you can use a tool called RAMMon. This tool is specifically designed for Windows and it is capable of retrieving the Serial Presence Detect (SDP) data from your RAM module and then display all the information in a very simple graphical interface.

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This is the main window of this tool. This is a very light weigh tool and is very simple to use. The best part is that this tool is absolute free for personal use. When you run this tool, at the top you can see the physical memory information of your RAM. It will display information like Number of RAM connected, Total Physical Memory, Total available Physical Memory Space and even Memory Load in percentage.

So all these factors will tell you exactly about the performance of your system. Now at the bottom of this, you can see two columns with name Item and Module. These columns will help you to identify the multiple of attributes. It will show you detailed information about your RAM like RAM Type, Name, Standard, Clock speed and other data of their DDR2, DDR3 memory devices and even some older memory types.


This tool basically uses SysInfo DLL SDK to extract all the SDP attributes of your RAM and then display them in two columns in a very easy readable format. All this information will give you complete snapshot of the data available on each the RAM module of your system. You can even save this physical memory location in HTML or text format to any desired location.

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Click on Export/Copy and then choose the format in which you want to save the information. Then click on Write to file and save the particular file in desired location. You can see below an example of txt file saved by this tool.

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The size of RAMMon is just 0.9 Mb and as usual this tool will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access this freeware. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download RAMMon

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