Check NTFS Permissions Of Multiple Files Or Folders Quickly

by Rohit Khurana on March 24, 2012


NTFS is a file system used by Windows in most modern operating systems, this file system is more secure than the previous FAT file system which was used in the Windows XP and earlier Windows Operating systems. Being more secure, NTFS is usually more complex in terms of files and folder permissions as well. If you have to share a file or folder on a network which, you have to make more explicit and detailed sharing settings on an NTFS drive or NTFS partition in Windows. It is easy to view a file’s or folder’s permission on an NTFS drive, but it requires a few steps which includes opening up of file properties, then security properties and then checking the details. Now if you are an administrator or you supervise the security of certain computers, or in general if you are a geek and want to know what is happening on the NTFS disk and who all can see what all folder and files on a disk, the default method can be painfully repetitive and slow. In this article, we share a free tool with you which lets you scan the file and folder access permissions of the whole drive and display the same information graphically in a very easy to use way. You may use this information for file and folder sharing purposes, monitoring purposes or to detect any other suspicious network access scenario on a Windows PC.


The tool I am going to share with you today is called NTFS Permissions Reporter and it scans the whole partition or multiple partitions in one go, displays a tree or table structure of the file or folder permissions of each file and folder on such drives and partitions. It does take a few minutes to scan depending on the number of files on a disk.


Download and install the NTFS Permission Reporter from official website here. After you download the tool, simply run it, on the main Windows under New Report Settings section, check the check boxes in front of the drives you want to scan. After this click the Run Report Button. If you wish, you can filter the drives or use some more detailed scan options.

Windows NTFS Drive Permissions Minitoring Tool (4)

After the scan starts, it will start listing the tree structure in the disk and will display all the folders. For all the processes files and folders, when you click on the folder, it displays the permission of the users and user groups which have access permissions to such folders.

Windows NTFS Drive Permissions Minitoring Tool (3)

You can see the snapshots of the software showing the file permissions for the directories with details on who all users are able to access these directories. I hope you will find this tool handy for monitoring NTFS permissions of multiple folders as once. Do share this with your geek friends and leave your comments and suggestions below.

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