Check If A Windows Process Is Safe Or Not

by Rohit Khurana on October 15, 2011


Sometimes you download and install some software’s, without knowing the fact that these software’s may or may not access the your personal data. And only an administrator can grant the access privileges to these applications to access your personal data. UAC is also known as User Account Control, it is used to ensure that virus, malwares and unwanted applications are not able to harm your accounts administrative privileges. Whenever you install any new application and it tries to write its files at system locations. Now if you are a normal user without administrative privileges you will have to enter the password every time the software will allow an application to access the system files and folders, Windows registry and program files. Today I have got an application for you named UAC Process Analyzer.

The application will help you to know about the integrity of the application that is currently running. The application will help you to know about the restrictions that are imposed on any process. The application will get all the information regarding a process like security details, trusted directory, Digital Signature and UAC Virtualization. The application will also be useful to the application developers to find why the application developed by them is considered as a suspicious application by UAC.

UAC Process Analyzer 1


This is the first screen which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing the software. In order to analyze an application you will have to select a process that is running from the Process Name drop down and click on the Analyze button.

UAC Process Analyzer 2

After pressing the Analyze button the software will show you the directory path, integrity level, UAC virtualization status and digital signature of the application. The application will also give you the information whether it belongs to a trusted directory or not.  The application’s integrity level would range from Low to High. If an application has a Low integrity level it means that it cannot write into the system files and folders until it will be authorized by the administrator. In case the application has a High Integrity level it will not prompt the user for a permission to access the system files and folders. The UAC Virtualization is a concept which will define the level of security of your system. When UAC Virtualization is Disabled for a process it means application has right to access the system files and folders, Windows registry directly. Similarly when UAC Virtualization is Enabled the application cannot access and write to windows files and folders. Trusted Directory is used to check whether the application resides at a trusted location or not. The Digital Signature will help you to check whether the application has been altered by any external source except for the author.

Download UAC Process Analyzer

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Hris Verland October 18, 2011 at 6:39 pm

MAJOR BUMMER.. This software is only for Windows 7 or Vista – doesn’t appear to support XP.

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