10 Ways To Check If A Website Is Safe Or Not

by Rohit Khurana on May 24, 2010


We are living in a cyber world where Internet and Websites are a part of our daily life. Now a days we keep getting links via email, instant messengers and other sources. Opening links from such emails and instant messengers can prove to be a safety threat for your data and personal information. Some of these links may contain Viruses, trojans, malwares, rootkits or adwares which may be annoying or steal information.


We strongly recommend that you do not click on these links until you are sure the website is safe to browse and does not contain any malware of virus. In this tutorial I will share with you 10 ways to check whether a website is safe to browse or not.

There are lots of free and reputed web-services which let you scan the Website for something malicious or dangerous on that website by crawling its content. If you receive any link or url via email or instant messenger, just copy past the link to any of these websites to determine whether the website is clean of malicious content or not. Below is the list of Web-Services which let you scan the links :

1. Trend Micro Web Reputation Query – Its a free service by Trend micro and scans the url or link you submit and will let-you know whether the website is listed malicious or not.

trend micro web reputation query

visit –  Trent Micro Web Reputation Query

2. Norton Safe WebNorton Safe Web is a free online link scanning service from Norton / Symantec which is world major in Anti-Virus and Internet Security Softwares.

norton safe web

visit –  Norton Safe Web

3. Web Of Trust – Web of trust is a reputed website scanning system which also provides you with browser add-ons which will show you the safety information of a website in your search results without even visiting WOT website.

Web of trust

visit – Web Of Trust

4. Trusted Source – Trusted Source is a web-service powered by McAfee which will scan the risk level of a particular website and will display its web-reputation level on a color coded scale.

trusted source


visit – Trusted Source

5. Site Advisor – Site advisor is also powered by McAfee and gives a more user-friendly and simpler way of knowing the safety levels of a website. Its easier to understand and less detailed compared to Trusted Source.

Site Advisor

visit –  Site Advisor

6. Web Security Guard – Web security guard is another online free service which wars you of any malicious websites. You can simply put the url and find out if that particular website is safe or not.

web security guard

visit – Web Security Guard

7.  Malware Domain List – Malware domain list is a website which will tell you whether a particular domain is clean of malware or not.

malware domain list

visit – Malware Domain List

8. Browser Defender – Browser Defender analyses the website content and warns you of the risk levels associated with that website.

browser defender

visit –  Browser Defender

9. Google Safe Browsing – You can also use Google’s Safe Browsing service to know whether a website is safe or now. To do the same, you need to use a particular URL as shown below :

http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=<Your Website Name>

In this URL, replace <Your Website Name> with the website you want to scan for malicious code. Here is an example of Trouble Fixers.

Google Safe Browsing

10.  URL Void – URL Void is a fresh new innovative service which lets you scan a website using all of the 9 web-services listed above in one go from one single page. This is a really fast and super easy to use online service.


visit – URL Void

Hope you find these services handy whenever you get a suspicious link which you might want to open. Just scan the link using any of these services to be safe from virus infection and other problems.

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Highly informative and very useful.

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Very helpful information……….

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