Remove Unnecessary Files, Installed Softwares , Startup Entries And Other Junk From Your Computer

by Rohit Khurana on July 22, 2010


Whenever we install a tool, then the some registries are added to your system and some times they remain on our system even if we uninstall those tools. Similarly, the cookies are generated when we browse on internet. Individually they are very small in size but collectively they create a problem, as they generate at a very high frequency and thus they eat up lot of space on our hard disk and slow down your system. But need not to worry now, as I will be reviewing a tool today which is known as ‘FCleaner’, and it is used to clean all the above mentioned problems.

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Cookies are responsible for the privacy of our account as they contain information about our login IDs and passwords of your accounts. This tool will help you to clean all the registry files, unused files, cookies and the temporary files which are generated while browsing. By cleaning all these file, it makes your system faster and all frees the space from your hard disk which was occupied for nothing.

As you can see from the application window that the operation performed by this tool can be divided into 4 groups. I will be explaining each of them in detail.

  • Cleaner

This kind of operation will help you to clean all the registries and other problems which are already mentioned above. It will scan the while system and specially those areas and sectors where we cannot even think of looking at. It will go through Windows Explorer, System and advanced settings which will include the areas like, Windows Log files,  Clipboard, Memory Dumps, taskbar Jump list and many more sectors, which are mentioned in the application window.

You can also all the unused file created by different browsers, it is capable of deleting the data from 6 types of browser which are named as, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Seamonkey. The operations performed on each of them varies with a certain browser. Under this section, you can also see the status of the space present in your hardisk and the other information related to the number of times your system has been scanned.

  • Uninstaller

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It is similar to the uninstaller present the control panel of your operating system. You  can uninstall it, update it, repair it, remove entry, know about it and do few more things as mentioned in that application window. All the installed applications will be enlisted in the middle of the application window.

  • Startup Manager

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It will take care of the applications which are automatically start on the system startup. You can stop them, uninstall then and do few more operations as mentioned in the application window.

  • Tools

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Then comes this category, which can help you to see all the scheduled task in your system or you can make any changes related to security in your system like turning off the defender or turning off the firewall of your system or you you can make any restore point in your system or you can see the system configuration or you can start a command line window. All the above operations can be performed in one or another way but this tool allows you to access them under a single window.

The other options like status and options will help you to configure the general settings of the tool and will let you know that whether there has been any upgrade regarding that product or not.

The size of this freeware is around 1.5 Mb, so it will not take much time to get installed. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download FCleaner

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