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by Rohit Khurana on August 20, 2010


We are in a habit of saving the documents, videos or any other type of files what we think might be useful later. But soon we realize that there is a large collection of extra files and folders which might not be used any more. These files decrease the efficient use of the available memory of your computer. But you would never prefer to remove data manually. I would like to review a tool Cyber-D’s Autodelete to solve such problems automatically. As the name suggests, it is used to delete the files and folders automatically.


The above snapshot shows the Cyber-D’s Autodelete tool. It is a small freeware of 1839 kb only. You can download and install it very fast. The installation will create two icons on your desktop: one to configure and another to run the tool. Now, what you need to do is configure the tool for the folders where you used to store the bulk which has to be deleted after some time. So, select the folders in which the files are to be deleted. The useless files will be deleted after the specified time according to the criteria selected. There are certain options available which can help you to refine the deletion process. They are:

Setting Filters:

There can be two types of filters:

  1. The files or folders you would never like to delete.
  2. The only files or folders to be deleted as per the criteria defined by the user.

You have to add the filter and edit it as per the requirement. The help option shows the various formats in which the filters can be applied.


Deletion Criteria:

  • Specify the number of days after which the deletion is to take place.
  • Select whether the days are to be counted according to the last date- it was modified, created, both or accessed.

Other Options:

You can select the process to be carried out with the deleted files like move to trash, secure them or move to a particular folder. You can also select what is to be done with the subfolders and the empty subfolders.

You can go through the video shown below to understand the working of this tool.

You can select the automatic deletion whenever the Windows start . But if required you can also run it manually. You can keep the log of deleted filed if you want. The tool is designed to delete the files permanently from trash after 90 days by default though it can be changed. You can remove the folder from autodelete whenever you want.

After the long list of useful options available, you would surely like to use this software.

This software will be compatible with all the older versions of windows as it has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit operating system.

Download Cyber-D’Autodelete

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