Combine, Reorder, Watermark, Encrypt or Sign PDF Files

by Rohit Khurana on September 26, 2010


We all know that Adobe Reader does not provide much features for making changes in the PDF files. We have to convert it to the word document for making the desired changes.

For this, there is an application called jPDF Tweak that allows you to make various desired changes in the PDF files. You can combine, reorder, watermark, encrypt or sign and many more changes using the respective options.

It is a Java based application so, requires Java 5 or higher to run.

The main window will appear like this with different tabs for different operations which i will discuss one by one.

First is the ‘Input’ tab. In it, you just have to select the PDF file in which you want to make changes. You can also choose multiple files by enabling its option and can add more files by the options present at the bottom of the window.


The next one is the ‘Page Size’ tab. In it, you can rotate the pages either to portrait or landscape. You can also scale the pages of your file to the desired page set-up for printing. The unit used here is ‘PostScript points’ which is the 72th of an inch.


The ‘Watermark’ tab allows you to watermark each page of the file with the desired text or with the first page of PDF as background watermark. You can also add page numbers on the pages.


The ‘Shuffle’ tab is very interesting. It allows you to shuffle the pages.


For building a config yourself, you have to first specify how many pages each pass (each use of the template) covers. For example, if you select 5 here, and your PDF has 21 pages, it will be run 5 times (4 times with 5 pages each, and once with the last page).

If you give a negative number, you can take half of the pages from the end of the document instead from the beginning. This is useful for booklet layouts.

Use positive page numbers like “+3” to refer to the third page of the template, and negative page numbers like “-3” to refer to the third page of the “opposite” template.


In the ‘Page Numbers’ tab, you can add page numbers depending on the content. For example, if first page is for title, next two are acknowledgement and index, and after that your contents will begin. Then, it should be added like this.


Likewise, you can add bookmarks, attachments and even the document information using the respective tabs. You can also encrypt and sign your PDF with this application.

It also provides you the ‘Interactive’ tab in which you can add effect and transitions when you will see PDF in full screen mode.

The last but not the least is the ‘output’ tab in which you can save the modified file at the desired place and in the desired format.

NOTE: All features (like bookmarks, transitions or viewer preferences) will not make sense when you burst a document.


Download jPDFTweak

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