Compare Text Inside Tables in CSV, TSV and Other Excel Type Files

by Rohit Khurana on August 13, 2011


You might have come across various applications where you process some data and finally you get output in some tabular format. Here, if we look closely then we may observe that these are basically data files that contain data in the tabular format and the fields are delimited with the help of a single character used in those files. Such type of files are commonly used and are known as CSV or Comma Separated Value files. As told earlier, that a special character is used in such files which acts as a delimiter and thus depending upon the delimiter used, these CSV files can have numerous shapes. So, due to this reason it becomes almost impossible and a very tedious task to manually look out for the differences between CSV file values present in different columns.

Although, we agree that if you are dealing with some small tabular data files which contains only a small number of fields and data sets, then you may definitely use some of the standard or the classic methods of comparing those data files. It just require opening those two files which you want to compare, side-by-side and then manually match the data fields or values. But, when the file size is big and it’s a matter of comparing those two huge CSV, TSV, or any other character separated data files, then we recommend a small utility which can serve this purpose and may prove to be very useful.



TableTextCompare is basically a small and useful application, which has been developed Nirsoft and it allows the user to easily compare two large-sized tab-separated or comma-separated data files and then it can be used to find general differences between them. Although, earlier also there have been many tools which have a feature of exporting tasks result data in CSV and in tabular TXT format but for comparing these files this small utility can really prove to be a good one for the users.

If you want to try out this app, then you may simply download it from the link given below. After installing it, when you launch the application, you may observe that it will ask you to enter the location of the tab-limited or comma-limited files which you want to compare.


After entering the required fields that it asks, it summarizes the information of both specified files which are to be compared, and then finally shows the total number of lines and fields in the two files. Below this summary, you may observe that it displays all the differences between files and it shows the exclusive data of both files along with all the line numbers. By this, one may easily find out which lines are not present in file 2 as compared with those in file 1 and vice versa.

Download TableTextCompare

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