Completely Remove All Data From Hard Disk Before Discarding or Recycling

by Rohit Khurana on March 10, 2011


Are you considering an upgrader to your computer’s Hard disk? Are you giving away your old hard disk for recycling? If yes, you might be accidentally giving away a lot of private information, confidential data and financial information in the hands of strangers. The information might be misused or leaked, even worse, you may fall prey to identity theft because someone can steal information on your discarded hard disk drive !


Before you give away your hard disk in exchange of an upgrade, or for recycling, make sure you are not doing anything to risk your. In this post, I share a tool with you which will help remove every bit of Data off your hard disk before you abandon it.

Darik’s Boot and Nuke or DBAN tool is a bootable image which you can download and use it to boot your PC. This tool can securely wipe the hard disks of most computers. It can automatically and completely delete all the content of the hard disk that it can detect. This tool is apt for emergency data destruction.


This tool is completely free for personal and business use. Before you use this tool, you much understand that all the data on the hard disk will be permanently removed by this tool. You must take any backup of your important data to come external disk or storage before you use the tool. Also, when using this tool, make sure that only that hard disk is connected to the computer which you intend to wipe. If there are more than one hard disks connected to the computer, you may accidentally select the wrong drive which may mean a disaster for your hard drive data !


The official website offers you an ISO file which you can burn to a CD or DVD and use the same disk to boot your computer. When you boot the PC using this disk, it will take you forward using a text based menu on a blue screen as seen above. Choose the options you like to use.

Download DBAN

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