[Troubleshooting] Computer Display Goes Off After Sometime

by Rohit Khurana on April 27, 2013


One of our readers reported a problem with us on our question answer portal regarding the problem with the display of his computer. In this words, the problem is as follows:

My computer display is not working properly. If i open after some days then its working fine then after some hours its become black screen, computer is working well only display is not showing.

The problem description reflects that the computer has some problem related to the display. In our opinion, there can be one of the three reasons behind this.

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Computer Turns Off Display or Stand By Because Of Power Settings

Many a times, computers have automatic power settings by default to turn off the display after few minutes of idle time. Sometimes, the computer goes into standby or hibernate mode automatically. To solve this, you can manually change the power settings or you can use this tool to keep computer awake.

Hardware Problem With Monitor/ Display

The problem maybe because of someĀ  hardware issue with monitor or display. This problem may kick in after sometime of use when the components get heated. To shortlist if this is a monitor or display problem, you can try using another monitor with your computer.

Hardware or Software Problem With Graphics Card

Many a times, it maybe a graphics card problem on some computers. You can try to fix it by updating graphic card driver and check of the graphics card is fine or not. In case of a hardware fault with the graphics card, you can consult with a technician to fix the problem.

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