[Fix] Google Chrome Gets Too Slow- Causes Computer To Hang

by Rohit Khurana on March 9, 2012


Google Chrome is one of the most efficient web browser for Windows which I have ever used and is one of the fastest as well. I have been using it as my primary Browser for quite sometime now. But one of the problems I usually come across while using Google Chrome is that it sometimes uses too much RAM which makes the computer go slow. It is not entirely the mistake of Google Chrome usually, some websites, like the ajax based or other rich media websites, do tend to use a lot of memory and makes the computer go slow. Also with its fast performance, we tend to get spoilt to keep too much tabs open without bothering to close some of them as Chrome seems to handle them well. But at times, there is too much of RAM or Memory usage which makes the whole computer go slow because of high RAM usage. In this article, I will share with you some tips which you can follows to keep the RAM or Memory usage in control and keep the Chrome and Windows or Linux or MAC OS run fast without slowing down your computer. These tips are applicable to most OS including Windows (all versions including Windows 8), Apple Mac OS and Linux which run Google Chrome.

Speed Up Computer And Google Chrome

Find Which Tabs Of Chrome Are Using High Memory Space

One of the best ways to keep Google Chrome from going slow or making the whole computer slow is to keep a check on which tabs are using too high Memory and close such tabs. To do so there is a very useful feature in Google Chrome called the Task Manager which is not the in-built Windows task manager. You can launch the task manager for Google Chrome by clicking Shift+ESC key combination or right click on the top empty space and click on Task Manager.

Open Google Chrome Task Manager

image – Google Chrome – Way to Open Task Manager For Chrome

It is somewhat similar to Windows task manager, but it shows the CPU, Memory and Network usage for Google Chrome only. Here you can check what all tabs are using too much of memory and close or re-launch such tabs which may bring down the total Memory usage.


High Memory Usage Tabs In Chrome

image – High Memory usage task in Task Manager

Save Google Chrome Sessions

Many a times, we work on many different projects or assignments or stuff at the same time and we may have different windows of Google Chrome Open with multiple tabs. In such cases, we may not need to use a particular Window of Chrome with large number of tabs open for say a few hours, but we keep them open as we don’t want to loose the session. To keep the session from getting lost, we keep them open which may cost a lot of Memory usage and makes computer go slow especially when you have low RAM. To solve this issue, use an extension like Session Buddy which will save a set of tabs or en entire Window of Google chrome. After you save a session, you can close that Window or set of tabs and get back to them when you need them later. It works like a breeze. You can choose from various session related extension for Google Chrome. I have been using Session Buddy and am quite happy with it.

Session Buddy

image – Google Session Buddy

Got Low RAM? Consider An Upgrade

Computer RAM Usage Hight

I may sound lame on this, but RAM has a lot to do with the performance and speed of a computer when you open too many applications or tabs. Besides having most powerful of processor and graphics, if your computer has low RAM, it may become the bottleneck. With affordable prices of RAM, you can consider an upgrade. Having extra RAM allows your computer to have more memory and it will grow slow much less often and will be able to sustain more open tabs without slowing down. It will also impact the overall performance of your computer if you use too many softwares and applications simultaneously on same computer.

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Alycia March 21, 2012 at 7:31 am

I am using google, can I also have google chrome?

Eric April 1, 2013 at 3:21 am

This is weird, I checked how much memory was each tab using and it baffles me, because a tab like this web page for example shouldn’t be using so much memory (90k-120k).

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