Computer restarts on hibernate or standby

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on January 31, 2008



One of our readers is facing a problem, whenever he hibernates his computer, the computer does not hibernate properly and restarts. Isn’t it annoying? It surely is.


What is difference between hibernate and shutdown?

Shutdown : All the contents of the ram and other resources are cleaned up and computer is powered off. When you turn on your computer, all the operating system files are loaded again to boot the computer.


Hibernate: All the contents of ram are stored in a file on hard disk. When you turn on the computer, the same file is copied back to the ram and your computer will start in the state you hibernated it.


But what to do in case your computer restarts on hibernating or standby ?


Lets see the how to get rid of this problem.



There are primarily two main reasons why computer restarts on hibernate, they are:

  1. In compatible hardware driver.
  2. Too much RAM on computer.

Make sure that you have compatible drivers for the hardware on your computer. This is one of the main reasons which causes improper hibernate and which results in computer restart.


For example, in one case, the user had Windows XP on his system and his keyboard drivers were as per Windows 98. Such petty things may also cause problems. Check that all your hardware has compatible drivers installed.


Also too much RAM causes hibernate problem, reason is simple, more the RAM, more the content to copy onto hard disk while hibernating, so in such case, certain builds of Windows XP crash and restart while hibernating. Windows update or installing latest service packs may or may not help, but its worth a try. So if you have good amount of RAM, like 1GB or more, it is recommended to shutdown the computer rather than hibernate.


Hope the information helps to fix the trouble.

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neeraj April 4, 2008 at 10:42 pm

into my computer stand by option is disable

RAHUL WAKCHAURE November 14, 2010 at 10:48 am

how we make hybernating to my PC and give me it’s advantage and disadvantage.

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