LCD TV Not Working As Extended Display With Laptop or Desktop Computer

by Rohit Khurana on July 26, 2010


Many of us buy large LCD TVs to enjoy watching TV shows on large screens. Most of these modern TVs come with HDMI / VGA and composite input options to connect them with devices like DVD / Blue Ray Players, Play stations, Mobile Phones, Laptop and Desktop Computers etc.


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Many a times, when we connect  our LCD TV with laptop or desktop computer, it displays a message like:

  • Format Not Supported
  • Unsupported Format
  • Out Of Frequency
  • Input Not Detected
  • No Signal
  • No Input Signal

etc. or there maybe some other error message and the display does not show up. In this article, I will share with you some tips to make it work.


Troubleshooting Tips For Using LCD TV As Extended Display

Tip 1 : Check the video cable connection at both ends. You might be using a VGA or Composite or HDMI Cable or some other kind of cable. Make sure that the cable is of correct type and is connected properly at the TV and the laptop or desktop computer.

Tip 2 : When you ensure that the cable is correctly connected, open the graphics cards settings to see whether the TV has been detected by the computer or not. Configure the TV to show the extended display or dual monitor display as you want to use it.

Tip 3 : Even after the above two steps, if you see any error message, then start to lower the display resolution of the display on TV from your graphics card settings on your computer. These settings are usually under Inter Graphics Settings , ATI Graphics Settings or Nvidia Graphics Settings based on the type of graphics card installed in your computer. Many LCD TVs, especially old ones, do not support high resolutions, a safe resolution will be 800×600 pixels and see if the TV detects the signals from the computer. This one worked in my case, hope it will work with you also. To see the correct resolution settings, check the TV user manual or specifications on the Internet.

Hope these tips help you set up your large TV display in computer monitor mode for a better multimedia experience. Please share your experiences below via comments.

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Anburaj August 30, 2010 at 5:48 pm

May lcd display settings in high resolution so that doesn’t respond .you should reduce the resolution in your LCD Settings not then other ok

(if your Lcd Support Full resolution when you connect the PCI Express card more then 1 GB)

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