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by Rohit Khurana on October 23, 2010


Many websites contain flash animation contents like flash intro, flash games or flash advertisements to make it appear attractive. But many of us do not like it and gets annoyed with these animations.

In solution to this problem, there is a content-filtering extension of chrome called FlashControl that blocks Adobe Flash players and prevents them from loading Flash content.

FlashControl allows you to manage each flash player on a webpage easily. When installed, it appears with this icon in the toolbar.


This extension adds a control panel to each Flash player embedded in a webpage. Each control panel has 3 buttons. The first one allows you to turn the Flash player on and off, and toggle its visibility.

The second one is the visibility button. If it is green, then the Flash object is visible. The red indicates that the Flash object is invisible whereas grey indicates that the Flash object’s visibility cannot be toggled, since the Flash object isn’t loaded in memory.

The third one is used to add the Flash object to either a black or white filter list.

If you will press left-mouse button then, the it will add the Flash object to a black filter list (list or collection of URLs that are not trusted, or explicitly denied) whereas pressing the left-mouse button while holding down the Shift key will add it to a white filter list (list or collection of URLs that are trusted, or explicitly permitted).



You can also use the mini-menu for toggling all the flash players on the webpage. Cby just clicking on the FlashControl icon which provides various features like blocking the website, adding it to white-list and more.

Using the option of ‘Preferences’, you can go to the settings of the FlashControl.


Here, you can set the panel color and editor settings accordingly.

FlashControl uses a simple filtering technique to keep track of your favorite and not-so-favorite Flash content. It makes use of filters created by you. There are two types of filters: white filters which allow your favorite Flash content to download, and black filters which deny content and removes it from a webpage.

You can either filter a domain or an individual flash objects by just entering the address of that website either in whitelist or blacklist accordingly.


Download FlashControl

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