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by Rohit Khurana on March 10, 2010


Have you ever wanted to control your Windows PC from anywhere in the world ? Well there are ways to connect and control your computer from anywhere using tools like – TeamViewer for Windows. Also you can access your  remote desktop to computer using iPhone. But remote desktop is a very bandwidth consuming way of controlling specific things like managing Windows services remotely. And remote desktop might not even work at placed where Internet speed is poor like on a GPRS connection etc.


In this post, I will review a open source free to use tool called Panel Daemon which allows you to control and manage windows services via web-based Interface. Using this tool, you can control your computer’s Windows services from anywhere in the world using Internet connection on any PC / Tabled device / iPhone or any Internet enabled phone using a web-browser. This web based application needs very little bandwidth compared to the remote desktop based application and services.

Panel Daemon tool is a free web based Windows Services Applications Manager tool and runs using IIS server in Windows. This is a open source free toll under GPL license.


To use panel daemon, you need have Windows IIS server preinstalled on your Windows Computer which will allow the PC to be connected with the Internet using this IIS server and allow you to access it remotely. Also it requires you to have .NET 2.0 or newer installed on your PC. If you need any of these, you can get them here – .Net Framework Download , Windows IIS Server Installation Instructions.


To install it, you need to follow these steps :

1. Make sure that your user has Administrator rights

2. Make sure that your user account has a password set

3. Make sure that IIS server and .Net framework are installed

4. Update windows using windows update

5. Run the setup of Panel Daemon (download link at the end of post)

6. Note down the username and password created during the installation

7. Open the browser and put this address in browser :


log in using the username and password created in step 6


You are good to go. Now you can remotely access the your Computer’s Windows services from anywhere using Internet.

Download Panel Daemon Setup | Panel Daemon User Guide | Panel Daemon Homepage

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