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by Rohit Khurana on June 30, 2010


You must have faced the problem while transferring data from different folders or disks to a particular disk, folder or location. I also used to get irritated while selecting some songs from each and every corner of my system and put them into my memory card because it used to kill lot of time. But then i got the solution to this problem with the help of MultiCopier, which made it very easy for to transfer or to copy the data from different locations to a single location.


As you can see from above snapshot that it puts itself into the context menu of the right click on the background, files or folders. This tool makes it very easier to copy the content from different locations of the system. It creates a buffer in which the all the files which are to be copied are noted by their path and then they are simultaneously copied to a certain location.


Initially you will have to select the files which are to be copied by selecting the sub-option ‘Put into copier’. As you select the files, you can see the number of files selected which is written in front of the sub-option ‘Empty copier’ within brackets. Now after selecting the files you can copy or move them to the destination with the help of ‘Copy all’ sub-option.



You can copy the same data again and again at different location and whenever you want to start the next copying task then you should clear the buffer of the tool by clicking on the sub-option ‘Empty Copier’ or else the newly selected files will be piled up over the previous list of selected files.


There is a sub-option named as ‘option’ with the help of this option you can empty the copier every time when you end your copying task, so you will not have to empty it again while starting it second time but you won’t be able to copy that same content again to another location with the help of this tool.

The installation of this tool will not add any shortcut icon on your desktop or anywhere in your startup menu but instead it will add itself in the context menu. It is also very light with a size of 719Kb and thus it can be counted as a portable tool.

This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

Download MultiCopier

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