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by Rohit Khurana on October 19, 2010


Many a times, while working with some important folders or files, we forget to make the changes in their respective backups. And, unfortunately, if those files or folders get misplaced or corrupted, then, we can not even use their backups and lose our important data.

In solution to this problem, there is a freeware called BlueFish File Mirror which will monitor a number of folders (maximum of a hundred) and copy the changes of this folders (referring to the files and subfolders) to other folders with the same name to another volume or to another root folder.

BlueFish File Mirror is excellent for backup purposes as the changes to the files and folders are transferred at the same time when changes took place. This application is portable so, needs no installation. It is compatible with windows 7, vista, xp and 2000.

Before starting the program, it needs a file which will contain the parameters needed for it and a file which will keep a log for its operations. So, when you will unzip the downloaded file, you first have to define parameters in the ‘PGUI’ application.

Here, you have to browse the folders which you want this application to monitor and in which you want the changes to take place. You can select the options to create a log, show information messages or run at start up by just marking on them.


This will make a log in the config.ini file like this.



Now, you can start the application and stay calm because from now on, any changes you will make in the monitored folder will be reflected automatically in the root folder.


If the program is running successfully, it creates a log file inside the folder which resides, with the name log.txt which is updated every minute with the program operations. And, for every action, it will show a notification message just like this.


NOTE: Only the actual files will transfer to the destination and not the changes on the attributes of the files.

Some times the program may seem that does not respond to the folders events. It is not the case. The program is busy with a large copy operation. The events which occur while the copy operation is in progress are not lost but are in a waiting state and will be processed when the current operation is done.

The way to determine if the program is in a working state, is to look at the tray bar icon. The usual blue fish will be a anxious red one.

Download BlueFish File Mirror

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