Change or Create Custom Windows Font Size Which Is Easy To Read

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on February 21, 2012


We on troublefixers get many queries related to windows 7 font size, for some visually disabled people it is difficult to read the font size on the other hand they want bigger font size for all the windows and programs so that it becomes easy on their eyes. They may like to change the default font size or create  custom font size of their for windows.

Whatever is the case many people are not happy with the default font size of font in windows, so they would like to increase it or create one as per their convenience, so this article talk about the same.

In order to change font size in windows 7 or create one follow the procedure below.

For Windows 7

  1. Click on Start button, type Display and in the results select ‘Display’.
  2. Under display, you can choose from font size either Small or Medium. Click on Apply

Create Custom Windows Font Size

or else you can change the screen resolution to increase the font size in windows 7, as shown in the image below.


increae font size windows

or create a new font size which is more suited to your eyes, by clicking the option set custom DPI option shown in left pane in display settings. Under custom dpi you can create a custom windows font as shown in the image below.

custon font size windows 7

For Windows XP

In case you are using windows xp, follow the procedure below to change the font size.

  1. Open Display in Control Panel.
  2. On the Settings tab, click Advanced.
  3. On the General tab, in the DPI setting list, click the dots per inch (dpi) setting you want to use.
  4. If you choose Other in the DPI setting list, you can set custom options in the Custom DPI Setting dialog box either by selecting one of the percentage options in the drop-down list or by clicking on the ruler and dragging the pointer to specify a setting.
  5. Restart your computer when prompted.

For Windows Vista – please follow the tutorial at this link

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