Create Direct Shortcut For Private & Safe Internet Surfing In Google Chrome

by Rohit Khurana on June 18, 2011


Many a times we have to visit websites for some purposes for which we don’t want to leave a trace on the computer. Some of the scenarios are like financial transitions, or opening a websites for buying a surprise gift for your family members who might have access to your computer. There may be many other cases when you would like to keep your Internet browsing private and not share the browsing history or cache.


To open private browsing mode, you need to click on the small tool icon on the right corner of Google Chrome in the browser window and click on New Incognito Window.


If you want to create a shortcut to open the the Google Chrome in the Private Browsing mode or Incognito Window every time for private browsing, you can create a shortcut on the desktop or your Windows 7 task bar to launch the Google Chrome in Incognito mode. There are two simple steps to do the same:


Step 1: You need to create a desktop shortcut of Google Chrome. For that, you can browse to the Google chrome shortcut in the start menu and right click on it and click “Send to” and “Desktop (create shortcut)”


Step 2: Now you need to modify the target of the shortcut. Right click on the Google Chrome Shortcut on the desktop and click Properties.


On Properties Window in Target Parameter, type “-incognito” at the end of the target and press OK.


Now every time you click on this shortcut, it will automatically the Google Chrome Browser in an incognito Window.

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