Create Wi Fi Hotspot With Wi Fi Adaptor On Any Computer And Sell, Share Internet Connection [For Business Users]

by Rohit Khurana on September 5, 2011


I have got an excellent software for you today this software will help you to to create your own Wi-Fi hotspot as well as it will let you manage it. The tool has lets you manage Wi-Fi hotspot for places like cyber café’s hotels, schools, restaurants, building and many more wherever you plan to install it. This tool also provides you billing capabilities so that you can charge your customer for using the Wi-Fi hotspot facilities. This tools has a capability to hold accounts of unlimited customers.

MyHotSpot 1

This window opens up while you install the software you can choose your preferred language from the list.

MyHotSpot 2

This is the windows that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The toolbar options that are available in this case are Current Shift, Edit, Action and Statistics. The Current Shift menu contains three options Change Personal, Close and Language.

MyHotSpot 6

This window will open up when you will select the first option in the Current shift menu that is Change Personal. The option allows you set the Administrator of the tool who shall manage it.

MyHotSpot 3

The above image shoes the Edit menu that contains various options like Tariffs and Security, User Accounts, Prepaid Codes and many more.

MyHotSpot 7

When you select the first option in the Edit menu i.e. Tariffs and Services the above window will open which will show you the default tariff that is there, you can either modify the existing option using Edit button or add a new Tariff using the Add button.

MyHotSpot 8

This window will open up when you will click on the Add option which will allow you to add a new tariff scheme.

MyHotSpot 9

The above image shows you the User Accounts managing window from where you can add, edit delete an account. Various transactions option like deposit money, disable account, transaction overview and many more are also available here.

MyHotSpot 10

The above image shows you the the Prepaid Codes Option you can add the various codes that you want according to you.

MyHotSpot 11


The above image shows you the the service staff management window. Using this window you can add various members and edit the properties of already added members.

MyHotSpot 12

The above window will let you manage the various offers that you think can increase your sales.

MyHotSpot 13

The above window is the Network Configuration window, it has all the options for you to that you would need to set up your Wi-Fi Hotspot.

MyHotSpot 14

The above window will provide you all the documentation regarding the sales that are happening.

MyHotSpot 16

The menu options of the Action are shown above. When we click on the Create User Account option, a window will popup that will help you to add a user.

MyHotSpot 5

The Statistics menu contain options like Cash Report, Transaction report etc. .

MyHotSpot 17

The above window will let you manage all the cash reports for the transactions that happen.

MyHotSpot 18

A transaction report can also be generated using the above window options.

MyHotSpot 19

You can get all the information regarding the session of any particular user or as a whole.

MyHotSpot 20

The turnover statistics will give you all the information regarding the users, data and cash earned till now or between the stipulated period of time which can be selected.

MyHotSpot 21

In order to clear the reports and the data the following option will be used.

Download MyHotSpot.

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