Create Windows 7 Backup Image For Complete Windows 7 Recovery

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on May 14, 2010


Have you ever found yourself helpless when your Windows 7 PC gets corrupted because of some issue and is no more in working condition ? With increasing threats of Viruses and Trojans spreading via Pen-drives and Internet, its very important to keep a backup of your important data and documents.


Imagine you have an important assignment or presentation next day and your computer refuses to start, what will you do ? Well In this article, I will guide you through Windows 7 Backup feature which is an excellent way of backing up the entire Windows Image which can be used to revert your crashed or un-usable Windows 7 PC back and running within few minutes.

You can create a Windows 7 backup image file which copies all the data, installed softwares and settings all stored in one backup image, which can be restored in case of a Windows damage or failure. This features is in-built in Windows 7 and known as Windows backup and restore.


IMPORTANT NOTE : Before you start the backup, you must create a recovery disk, to create one see this tutorial – Create Windows 7 Recovery Disk. This disk will be helpful in case windows crashes. You need this disk and the backup image you create to recover your Windows 7 completely form the saved image.


To create Windows 7 backup image, follow the below steps :


1. Open Control Panel and click Backup and Restore  option.



2. Now click on the Set up backup link on this page. It will start a wizard for Windows Backup.





3. Select the location to Save Windows Backup. I recommend you to save it on an external hard drive if possible, because its a physically different drive and chances of it crashing along with your internal drive are very few.



4. You can select to have particular stuff in backup while keeping the unimportant stuff out of the backup image to save space.



5. Select the drives and folders which contain your important data, files and settings. After selecting the same click Next.



6. On this final screen of the wizard, click “Save settings and run backup



7. Backup will start and will take a while to complete when you run run it for first time. Subsequently you can run the same backup to update any changes periodically.




After the backup is finished, remember the path where you store this backup. Now in future if your Windows 7 PC becomes corrupt, you can restore it using the Restore it by booting with the Windows 7 Recovery Disk and selecting the image file which you created for backup. Hope you find this tutorial useful.

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