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by Rohit Khurana on November 7, 2010


Most of us have a  habit of using Alt-Tab feature of Windows to switch between the opened applications. You all must be knowing that Alt-Tab is a keyboard shortcut using which you can switch between top-level windows without using the mouse and it is very handy option if you want to work on two or more applications simultaneously. Since it allows you to switch between different task, hence it is also called as Task Switcher.

In Earlier versions of Windows, you are required to press tab again and again after holding the Alt key to switch between the opened Windows but recently Windows has even updated this feature and now the Tab does not need to be pressed as many times to move the task selection cursor from the front of the list to a nearer task and hence this feature has become more easier and convenient.

Although this improvement is being appreciated worldwide but still Windows lacks in providing any featuring to customize the appearance of this feature. Unfortunately, even Windows 7 which is the most popular operating system now a days, lacks this feature to customize the appearance of alt-Tab menu. So an easy solution to this problem is using a nifty utility named Alt + Tab Tuner.

Alt + Tab Tuner is a free portable and a powerful tool which allows you to customize Alt-Tab dialog box. This tool is a very light weight utility and it has a very simple graphical interface and hence anyone having basic computer knowledge can use this utility. The main window of this utility is as follow.


04-11-2010 00-10-36

So as you can see this tool allows you to adjust the settings of Margins, Thumbs Grid, Spacing, Icon Shift & Size, Thumbs and Fade & Transparency. All these options allows you to customize the appearance in desired way. You can adjust the icon size, transparency of Atl-Tab menu, decide number of rows  and spacing in Menu for better visibility and much more other settings. If you like the Alt-Tab menu of older version of Window i.e Windows XP, then you can simply click on Old Style Alt-Tab Dialog to revert to older appearance Alt-Tab menu.

There is also option available to Auto restart the Explorer directly from the tool so that you won’t need to restart Windows again and again to see the changes. So simply change any settings and then click on Apply and the auto restart the windows explorer to see the new effects. There is also option given Defaults to revert back to original settings if you have messed up with settings.

The size of Alt + Tab Tuner is just 201 Kb and it even doesn’t required to be installed and you can run it directly from its exe file. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Alt + Tab Tuner

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