How To Change Mouse Button Functions For Different Softwares In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on December 12, 2011


You might have experienced a scenario where you want to change your mouse controls according to the applications because different applications may require different controls. If you are looking for a tool which may help you to make control changes, then we can suggest a small utility which may be used for this purpose.

X Mouse Button Control is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available app which can be used to remap your mouse controls to some other settings that you want for your different applications. You may observe that through this freeware software, you can change your Windows PC’s mouse controls to perform different tasks such as making any shortcut to the application or in order to perform simple tasks in your computer that you were going to do with the keyboard keys, or with some combination of keystrokes and thus it makes the work lot easier and convenient for you.


This utility can be easily downloaded and installed in few steps. After running it, you may observe that it provides you with five different layers, and for each layer you can select different controls. It allows you to switch between these controls via specified hotkeys. It also allows you to set a hotkey to enable/disable XMBC and hence allows you to select different controls for different application. You may see that whenever you open that particular application, automatically that particular set of controls would get activated for that particular application.



You may see that it provides you with lots of settings from which you can make the application perform better and make it suit your requirements and needs. Saying that it allows you to set different controls for different applications; we mean that this particular application will let you create shortcuts for the mouse and hence you may use many innovative ideas and can control your PC with your mouse. For e.g., For Microsoft Office Word, you can make these controls:

Mouse Wheel Up: Copy Ctrl +C and Mouse wheel Down: Paste Ctrl + V


Similarly for other application and utilities, you may set the controls according to your needs and requirements. It gives you lots of options that you can select from a long list, for a particular control or button. Overall we can say that, X-Mouse Button Control is a nice, little and a very easy to use utility which has a very user-friendly interface. So, just download it and give it a try.

Download X Mouse Button Control

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