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by Rohit Khurana on August 6, 2011


If you are using Windows 7 or Vista as OS in your computers or laptops then you might have seen one of the functionality which is present in both of these versions of Microsoft Windows. Aero is basically a feature of Windows which was earlier introduced in Vista and now it has been carried over to Windows 7 as well. There are various colours which are related to this feature which can make you PC more attractive and lively with some colourful backgrounds. Although, Microsoft provides some default colours for aero which can be used but you cannot actually change or customize the colour according to your wish or requirements. For this, we recommend you a small utility which can serve you very well with this particular functionality in it.


AeroRainbow is basically a small, simple and a freeware utility for Windows 7 which changes colour of Aero windows in random order by selecting any of the available colours randomly. It has been specifically designed for Windows 7 and by changing the colours it usually adds more fun for the users who wants changes in their desktops backgrounds, colour effects, etc. This tool automatically changes the aero colours after a regular interval of time which can be configured by the user as well.


Although, this small app does not comes with any graphical user interface, but when you install it in your system, you can observe that it provides you three shortcuts on the desktop which can be used to open and close the utility. As said that you may also change the time for changing up of colours and for doing so, you need to use the settings shortcut provided by the application itself. By clicking on this shortcut, you may observe a small window with a slider on it. This slider can be used to set the time after which the colour is automatically changed.

Before you start using AeroRainbow be very clear about the fact, that the tool does not allow you to personally select the colours, rather it will only allow you to set the time interval within which will change colour and the colours will be randomly selected by the tool itself.

So, if you want to try out this small and simple utility, then you may download it from the link given below and once downloaded it can be installed in your computers with very few steps. If you want fun with your system then definitely you will like this utility.

Download AeroRainbow

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