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by Rohit Khurana on May 19, 2011


I prefer to have the audio clips rather then keeping the complete file. It might have happened with you also that a lot of audio files are not really interesting but have an interesting part which we enjoy. At that time, we feel it is better to save that particular part rather than carrying the complete file and hurdle yourself with the forward and rewind process. So, today I would like to share a utility known as Weeny Free Audio Cutter. Now, you can choose the part of audio you like.

Weeny Free Audio Cutter is a small freeware of 1.63 MB. It is designed to both cut and merge the videos. Now, make your own melody and enjoy. The user interface of the utility has been displayed in the snapshot below.


The freeware is very user friendly and fast. As shown to cut the file, click on Cut Audio and follow the steps as given below:

Step 1: Select the source file which it to be cut.

Step 2: Select the Target Folder where you have to save the output. You can see the audio information under that.

Step 3: Select the part you want to cut with the help of the pointer. Move the pointer and click on Start

Step 4: Similarly move the pointer and click on End.

Step5: Click on Add.

Step 6: The final step is to click on Cut Now at the end.

All the information of the new file is given in the lower pane. You can play them to know about the required part. You can cut many files simultaneously. If the unwanted file has been added you can easily delete it. Similarly we can merge the files as shown in the snapshot below.



The process to be followed is as shown below:

Step 1: Click on Merge Audio.

Step 2: Add all the files to be merged.

Step 3: Specify the Title Name, Artist Name and all the other details. And it is compulsory to mention the File format, though the others are optional.

Step 4: Select the target folder.

Step 5: The final step is to click on Merge Now at the end.


The snapshot above displays the settings you can change. There are few General and Output Quality Settings. Choose them as per your requirements. Now, enjoy the songs and other audio files the way you like.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is also compatible with all the versions also.

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Download Weeny Free Audio Cutter

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