How To Check & Understand Windows Event Logs Easily

by Rohit Khurana on January 3, 2011


Do you like solving your computer troubles yourself ? Well, frankly speaking many of the computer troubles that we face in our day to day life can be easily rectified if you know what is wrong with your computer and how it has to be dealt with. It is simply not possible for a normal person to gain all the knowledge that a person needs to troubleshoot the computer but still if can figure out what exactly the problem is then he can easily find a solution online and he can save a lot of money by doing that, not just money but he can also save a lot of time and he can help out others too. So the main part is how to find what is going wrong and where to find all the logs related to the changes made to the computer.

Today, we have a very helpful free application known as the windows event viewer. This application helps you to see all the logs on your computer or on a remote computer and with its easy to use interface it becomes really easy to find out the solutions for the corresponding errors. This application eliminates the sorting order that the default windows event viewer uses thus allowing the logs to load much faster than they do normally. Then after finding the errors you can either choose to research online on Microsoft Support, Bing, Google or any other platform you like by clicking the respective buttons or export the entry into a text file for later reference. The Event type and Event ID are automatically loaded into the search query.

After downloading the executable file you will have to run it as an administrator or it wont work.The next screen that you will see is :



Then you can choose a single entry by double clicking on it and this window will open up :


With the respective entry type you will get the options to ex[ort entry or web search entry. You can see the logs for the following categories :

  • Application
  • Hardware Events
  • Internet Explorer
  • Key Management Service
  • Media Center
  • Security
  • System
  • Windows Power Shell

Also from the Tools section you can choose from the following options :

  • Check Disk
  • Memory Diagnostics
  • Performance Monitor
  • Problem Steps Recorder
  • System File Checker/ ScanNow command

In my opinion this application can be very helpful for all the people who check problems on their computer with help of the event log viewer and this application can help all of you to troubleshoot all your computer problems yourself to some extent.

Download Windows Event Log Viewer

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