Delete, Erase Zero Size Folders or Directories

by Rohit Khurana on September 16, 2010


There are times when in a hurry we delete data inside any folder which is of no further use but leave the folder as it is and forget about it. All these empty folders make the view of other folders crowded. And also keep us in the false impression that the data is still there.

But, when we actually open that folder, we get to know that it is empty and of no use and it should be deleted. Finding all these empty folders and deleting them individually will take quite a long time.

So, to avoid it, there is a freeware called Empty Folder Nuker which will perform this task within a few minutes.

The downloaded Empty Folder Nuker is a compact exe file (of 340KB only) which needs no installation. It is fully compatible with windows vista, xp and 7. It enables you to find and delete empty folders within a selected drive or base folder. You just have to browse the desired folder or drive. For example, if i want to search the desktop empty folders then i just have to put the desktop location and click ‘find’.

It also provides the option of checking the content of subfolders and flag folders as empty if they contain nothing but empty subfolders.


When you will select ‘find’, it will show you the list of all empty folders in the selected drive or folder from which you can either delete selected folders or all of them as per your requirement.

It also provides the option of saving the list of empty folders to the text file by using ‘Save checked paths to the file’ and saving it to the desired location.



The data in the text file will be saved like this.


There is an option of ‘Shell integration’ in the main window which allows this application to add to the right-click menu of folders by clicking at it.


But when you use this option, it fails to do so and will show this window. So, it is the only fault in this application.


In short, with this utility, you do not have to worry about your empty folders which makes your desktop or folder crowded. It will find and delete them with just a few clicks.

Download empty Folder Nuker

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Browsing March 26, 2011 at 3:11 am

Hey Silky, have Empty Folder Nuker and love it. I wanted to use it on Windows 7 and with the shell integration also. I found that if you run it as admin and then enable the shell integration, all is well. Much better program when you can just right click and find empty folders.

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