Delete Files Inside Multiple Folders Periodically

by Rohit Khurana on October 23, 2010


Sometimes while running a program, there occurs error or it doesn’t work properly then, at that time, certain files and folders are created. Thess might lead to the slow working of your computer. We have earlier reviewed several tools like CCleaner, PureRa, Cyber D’s Autodelete or DiskMax for cleaning your computer thus, increasing the speed.

But these tools delete only the temporary files and folders but not the useless files which gets created due to any programming codes or debugging. So, to clean your directories from these folders or files, there is a freeware called Folder Cleaner.

Folder Cleaner is a smart tool which can be mainly used by programmers or debuggers who need to clean the directories seasonally containing debugging information of their projects. The tool is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp.

It is a compact (of 182 KB only)and portable tool and needs no installation. When you will run the application, its main window will appear with all the options present in the toolbar with easy to recognize icons.

For finding the debugging folders, first select the option ‘Find and Add’ present in the toolbar which will open a new window. You just have to put the ‘DEBUG’ into field Named and  press the Find button, wait for search, and press the ‘Add All button’.

You can also add the folders manually by selecting the option’ ‘Add manually’.



After selecting the folders, select the option ‘Clean options’ where you can have the option of excluding program and library for each folder. You can also exclude and include custom files or files without extensions. You can also add comment to each folder if you want to.


After that, you can analyze the folders by selecting the option present in the toolbar which will let you know the number of files which needs to be deleted.


After that, just click on the icon ‘Clean Selected’ which will send the selected folders to recycle bin if you choose to.

Now, for cleaning the files, just click on the option ‘File Clean’. search for the desired files (for example, *.txt) in selected or all drives and select ‘Delete’ and its done.


After doing this process, save all the folders in the folderlist so that next time you do not have to repeat the process instead just open your folderlist and repeats the needs operations.

Download Folder Cleaner v2.1

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