Delete Files, Traces Which Makes Windows Slow For You

by Rohit Khurana on November 3, 2011


When you work on your computer or laptop over a long period of time it gradually get slow due to all the temporary and junk files that get generated in various process and get stored in the system. These files don’t harm your system in any way but they slow down your system gradually over a period of time. Today I have got an application for you named JetClean which will help you to keep your computer or laptop as good as new.

The application will help you to remove the junk files from the system and also protect your privacy. The application will automatically backup all the changes that you will do so that you are able to undo all the changes that you do. you can also put a schedule in this application so that it will automatically clean all the files that you want. This is the only application which will allow you to clean the RAM, uninstall applications, Defragment Registry and also act as internet booster. The application will increase the security as it will clean the cookies, internet history and auto-fill passwords.


This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after installing it. The tool has three tabs i.e. 1-Click, Tools and Settings. The 1-Click tab has many options like Registry Clean, Windows Clean, Apps Clean, Shortcuts Clean, Ram Clean. In the first option i.e. Registry Clean the software will show you all the registry entries that are no longer getting used and you can clean them. Windows Clean option will allow you to clean all the temporary files in windows. Apps clean option will allow you delete any application that you want to. Shortcuts Clean option will give you the option to delete the unwanted shortcuts that you want. RAM Clean option will help you to free the RAM memory.



The Tools tab has options like System Information, Uninstaller, Startup Optimization, Registry Defrag, Internet Booster and Portable. The System Information will give you all the information regarding the system configuration. The Uninstaller option will give you the options to uninstall the various installed applications.


The Settings tab has options like General Setting, Automatic Service, Interface, Rescue, Ignore List and Log. The General Setting option will give you the general settings of the tool. The Automatic Clean option will allow you to configure the application such that the automatic cleaning of of some things will happen at a particular event which can be chosen by you.

Download JetClean.

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