Delete Leftover Outlook Attachments To Make Outlook Run Faster

by Rohit Khurana on November 9, 2011


In case we use Microsoft Outlook as the E-Mail client instead of directly accessing the mails through the internet there can be a problem which we might face after the download of the attachments which is in order to remove the traces of the attachments and files downloaded from the Microsoft Outlook. In order to remove the leftovers and the traces of the file and attachments you will have to open the windows registry, and find the specific name using the find key. In case of Microsoft Outlook XP, whenever you will open an attachment it will silently place itself into the temp folder so that anyone can access it even after it is deleted. The same issue exists in Microsoft Outlook 2010, but I have got an application named IntelliAdmin Outlook Attachment Cleanup tool which will help you to do that in a better way.

The application is a small application which will help you to automatically clean the outlook attachments which get stored in the temp folder automatically. The application will scan your registry automatically to search for all the outlook attachments. After finding the attachments it will display them in the application’s window where you will get the choice to delete the attachments you want to using the Clean button. The application is a freeware.


outlookcleanup 1

This is the first window which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software runs directly from the exe file which is gets downloaded. The application can also run in the silent mode that is from the command prompt. The application will start by writing “OutlookCleanup .exe \ silent” in the command line. The application will scan the temp folder and empty it when you will do this. The application will get downloaded using the download manager it self but in case if it gives any problem using the download managers you can also download it using the browser directly. You will also have to check the Firewall and proxy settings of your computer because come download locations may have a requirement that you should not block the HTTP referrers.  The tool is tested to work efficiently on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The application will give you to buttons to clean the attachments one is Clean Selected and the other is Clean All. In case you are using the Clean Selected button please select the attachments that you want to delete.

Download IntelliAdmin Outlook Attachment Cleanup tool.

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