Delete Multiple Copies Of Same Files To Increase Hard Disk Space

by Rohit Khurana on November 19, 2010


There are many reasons due to which there can be many copies of the same file present on a single computer. These files can be existing there without the knowledge of the owner and eat up a lot of memory space which could have been used to store something really important. There can be copies of a file that you had deleted a long time ago, still on the computer just because you don’t have any idea about it. Well actually, Practically speaking it is impossible for someone to have an idea of how much and what kind of data is stored on their computer due to suddenly increased storage capacity of computers and our dependency on them which makes us store all our important data on the computer itself.


Normally when a person stores his or her data on the computer he Tends to modify it some or the other time and what happens is, during the modification the software normally creates a new file in a different output folder do that the original file is also saved in case you need it afterwards. Now what happens is that normally you use the modified file and delete it when done but the original file stays where it was, hence increasing the memory allocations which do no good and are useless.So how can we find out these files and delete them ? Well With Duplicate Cleaner you can easily cleanup those useless duplicate files which are eating up a lot of memory space on your computer very easily. This same task, otherwise is too tiring and frustrating if you try to do it manually.

This free application is very easy to use and there are a plenty of options which help you filter your selections deeply.

When you try to install the software you will be asked if you want to install the registry reviver or not, you can select the respective option according to your requirements.

duplicate 2

Also it gives up a warning that the data should be backed up regularly and the developers take no responsibility for lost or damaged files.


So, please use this program when you have a backup of all the important files on your hard disk.

Next we have Search criteria tab

dp 4

In this tab, you will be able to select all the drives or the specific folders, that you want the software to search in. You can either select from the file filter option or do an audio search. You can also specify the minimum and the maximum file size.



Then you will have to specify the file types you want to search, may it images, ,music data ,movies or other.

After selecting all the criteria you have to press the GO button and the software will automatically start searching for the duplicate files according to the search criteria you have specified.

dp 6

After pressing the go button it will show you the progress by showing how many folders have been searched.

Next after the searching part is over you have to go to the Duplicate Files Tab

dp 7

In this tab you will be shown how many files were scanned and how many groups of duplicates were found. It also shows you how many files have duplicates and then all the disk space it is consuming. It gives you information about the file name, path , Size , Modified , File type and group.

Next tab is All Files Scanned tab

dp 9

in this tab you will be shown the file name, path , size and the previous date on which it was modified.

Next tab is Zero size Files Tab

dp 10

Here you will be able to see the zero size files available on the location that the software had searched.

You can also take help from the selection assistant

dp 11

With this tab you can select for deletion by audio tags in each group, by modified date/ time or by file size and some other options like select by pattern or master path.

So in the end we would say that this is a very good program that stands out a bit different from the other similar softwares because you have a plenty of options from which you can choose from and find the specific files by deeply choosing the search criteria. It makes a trouble some and a time consuming job pretty easy to deal with. You will be able to easily search by giving in the search criteria and delete all those unwanted files on your computer and free up a lot of valuable disk space.

Download Duplicate Cleaner

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