Upload Photos From Camera, Phone To Dropbox When You Copy Them To PC Automatically

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on April 28, 2012


When you transfer the photos from your camera of a recent vacation moments or some other event many us have a doubt that whether these photos are safe on our PC as it may happen that your PC hard disk may crash and it could turn out that suddenly because of some windows problem you can get back your photos stored in folder.

Dropbox Automatic Upload on Android Phone

Dropbox team has recently introduced a new feature which allows Automatic uploading from the desktop is designed to work perfectly with the Dropbox Android app but you will need to update the app to get this feature or install the latest version, support of this feature coming up soon iOS app for iphone. This way your photos are copied from your camera to your Dropbox and uploaded, in full-quality and at their original size, to your private Camera Uploads folder. As your photos upload, you can access them from anywhere and move and share them as you see fit.

Enable Automatic Uplaod Dropbox Android

Dropbox Automatic Upload on Desktop or PC

You can get this enabled for desktop or windows PC as well, by installing the latest updated dropbox software for windows, you can download the same from here. Once you have installed, you will see the dropbox sync icon and then right click and then select preferences.

Dropbox Preferences


Automatic Dropbox Upload From iPhone?

Under preferences, you need to click and change the auto play settings for the devices like Camera and other devices so that while you do the import from the camera or iphone or other device like pen drive as well, they should get auto uploaded on dropbox online servers.

Dropbox Auto Upload PC Settings

Under AutoPlay settings, you will need to select dropbox for the device you want the pictures or data to uploaded on dropbox without any intervention. You can simply upload non photo files as well by enabling this as shown in the image below.

AutoPlay Settings Windows iPhone

Please Note: You’re probably thinking “But my photos are large, won’t automatic uploading eat up all my Dropbox space?” But dropbox has taken this in account, they will give you 500 MB of Dropbox space for your first automatic upload. As you take and upload more photos and videos, you can earn up to 3 GB extra, for free.


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