Firefox 4 Beta – Stop, Disable Opened Websites Preview Of Tabs In Windows 7 Taskbar

by Rohit Khurana on July 9, 2010


Firefox 4 beta has been released with some great new features, we have already written many tips Firefox 4 beta, you can read them here. Today we will tell you about the solution for a common problem with users who has installed Firefox 4 beta on windows 7.

The problem can be described as the situation in which you have some websites opened in different tabs in Firefox and you may need to switch to some different window and then in order to get the view of Firefox again, you just click the taskbar icon shown in windows 7 taskbar, so that it shows you the Firefox window, but on the other hand it shows you the preview of all those websites pages already opened and in order to resume back you will need to click one of the tab preview shown.



This thing could be annoying for many users like me, as it requires more mouse clicks to resume to the tab on which I was working on in Firefox, so here is how you can disable these opened tabs previews, follow the procedure below.

1. Open or Run Firefox 4 beta

2. Type about:config in the address or location bar and press enter – now click the button which says “I’ll be careful”.

3. In the filter box type browser.taskbar.previews [ as shown in the image below ]


4. Double click the entry named browser.taskbar.previews.enable to make it false so that these previews are disabled to show up in taskbar.

Now when you click the taskbar icon of Firefox in windows 7 taskbar it will maximize Firefox with further with the previous active tab opened. Also check out some troubleshooting tips on Firefox.

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Anonymous August 11, 2010 at 10:03 am

Thanks a lot for this.

I love the Firefox 4 beta 2 but the tab previews made it a hassle to use it with collapsed taskbar buttons. This fixed that.

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