Transform .DOCX or .DOC File To PDF Format Without Losing Formatting & Hyperlinks

by Rohit Khurana on August 10, 2011


When it comes to writing and saving documents in the computers, then there are various text pads, word pads and note pads that are available and are used by the users according to the need and the requirements of the users. But, of course Microsoft Word is one of the most common and the most popular word pad which is used in almost every domain for writing and saving the documents. As we all know, that the documents in the Microsoft Word are saved in the .docx or .doc format. But sometimes, you may need to change your document to .pdf format. For eg., this condition may arise when you need to upload your resume on any of the website which requires and accepts documents only in PDF format. So, in such case, you need to convert your .doc or .docx document to .pdf format.

One of the most important reason that why you may need to transfer the document in PDF is that suppose if you plan to distribute your documents somehow, or through the Internet, then you must be absolutely sure that your information will be available with the readers for reading, regardless of what operating system they use. Here if we talk about the documents, then by this we mean the files containing both, text information as well as graphics and multimedia. It may be reference book or some technical manuals or any e-book etc.


So due to these factors, you need to save your documents in a special format which is independent from the used platform and the operating system as Microsoft Word can only be used or opened on Windows based PCs. So, in this respect, the PDF format i.e. Portable Document Format which we all know has been developed by Adobe Systems, can be considered as the best option and it is already the most popular format of electronic documents distribution.



So, now the question is who to convert it? Although there are several ways which can allow you to convert your word document to PDF document. One of such ways, has already been discussed here on our website under the article “Convert Microsoft Office Files to PDF Files Using Facebook”. But, here we present you another small utility which is very small and simple and can be used in such scenarios. There is a PDF converter which is available as a freeware on the web and it can be used both, for personal and commercial purposes. After downloading and launching this small utility, you just need to give the path of the input file which you want to convert to PDF format. Along with this, it will also ask you to enter the output directory where you want to save the converted file. Once you click on Convert option, you may observe that it will convert the file in no time and also with the same quality that you had in .doc format.



So, just try out this small utility by downloading it from the below given link.

Word to PDF converter

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