Does Your Hard Disk Need Defragmentation

by Rohit Khurana on October 31, 2011


Sometimes you may come to notice that your computer becomes slow even if you don’t install any new programs on your computer. Your computer or laptop may also become slow down due to the fragmentation of your hard disk. Today I have got an application named O&O SpeedCheck which will help you to defragment your hard disk. When you will defragment your hard disk it will speed up your system as it will rearrange the fragments of the file in a continuous order.

Fragmentation means that a piece of data is stored different locations on the hard disk which are not close to each other. The application will read all the data from your hard disk that is fragmented or defragmented. The application will also compare the time it takes to read the data from the fragmented and the defragmented sectors of the hard disk and from the totally defragmented hard disk after the defragmentation. The application is very simple and easy to operate which will guide you through the process.

defragmenter 1


This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software doesn’t require installation and will run directly from the exe file which you will get after extracting the ZIP file. When you will click on the Run button in the software it will start the test and the application will run in the background. The application will start its process of defragmentation of the hard disk as soon as you will click on the run button. After clicking on the Run button in the tool it will start the process of defragmentation of the hard disk which will be done in three steps. First step is when you will click on the run button.

defragmenter 2

The second step is the Analysis of the System Performance. In this step the software will run a check on the hard disk to check for the fragmented files. The software will run the check on the hard disk for five times to check for the fragmented files. The window will show you all the options such as Phase, Run, File and Read. The check will happen for the five times. After this when the check will happen for the five times the fragmentation of the hard disk will start. Once the check is done you can do the check to defragment the hard disk based on the result. After this the fragmentation will start and the window will indicate the total percentage of performance increase.

Download O&O SpeedCheck.

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