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by Rohit Khurana on October 31, 2011


Cloud computing has really become one of the most popular technology in the market. With its efficiency and power, it has been one of the major fields for research and development. It allows the users to keep their data in the secured environment and as and when required that data can be retrieved back from anywhere irrespective of the location of the user. We have already talked and discussed about various utilities related with this technology. As we all know, Dropbox is certainly one of them, which allows the users to store their data using this technology. Users who have been using this technology may know that sometimes, or maybe for most of the time, when you synchronize or download files from your Dropbox online storage you may notice that file transfer rates are very much lower as compared to the average values. Although, it is fine if you do not need access to the files urgently, and you can just keep Dropbox running as a background process until the data is transferred. But, what if it is an important file and you want it quickly and urgently?

So, in that case you need to figure out a way of increasing this download speed. But, if you look into the settings of Dropbox, then you may observe that by default speed is set to unlimited download rates. So, for such scenarios we will discuss today that how one can increase this speed limit.


So, for this just open the Dropbox configuration, with a simple right-click on the Dropbox icon in the system tray and select the Preferences option from the context menu. After this, just switch to the Bandwidth tab and you may see that Dropbox lists all the settings for the download and upload rate in the menu. For the first time, one can see that, the download rate is by default set to “Don’t limit”, the upload rate to “Limit automatically”. Now, in order to increase the sped, the trick is to enter a rate that is between 50% to 75% of the Internet connection’s bandwidth. Along with this, users with a high download rate, say 20 Mb or more can alternatively add fix values, e.g. 1000 kB/s.


Here one may note that Dropbox won’t necessarily use all of the bandwidth assigned to the download tasks unless and until it is needed. So, overall you may see an increase in the download speed and similarly one who wants to increase the upload speed as well can use the same tips discussed above.

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