Download File From Cnet Download Website Without Cnet Installer or Download Tool

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on January 23, 2012


Recently I got this question from my friend, as quoted below.

“Hi Abhishek – How can I download files from Cnet download website, without downloading Cnet installer first which downloads the files after I install the same, I don’t need that junk software from Cnet”

magic iso cnet downloader

It is really interesting question as most of the users who download a software from Cnet these days have to download the Cnet installer, which as per many of them is a waste download as it might add some useless toolbar in your internet browser. The Cnet downloader looks like as shown in the image below, it gets downloaded when you press download now green button which has small text written CNET installer enabled.

cnet software downloader

But one the main things why Cnet forces this downloader is that it installs this ad toolbar in your internet browser as you can see in the image below. So if you happen to download a software with Cnet downloader you should uncheck these checkboxes before you click accept as shown in the image below.


1-23-2012 1-22-44 PM

Once your download is complete it will ask you to start the installation as shown in the image below.

magic iso cnet downloaded

Avoid Cnet Downloader

Or in case if you don’t want this crappy downloader which delays your download and waste your time with some additional useless steps, you will need to click the small text link below the download button as shown in the image below. [ Click the link which says Direct Download Link ]

direct download link cnet

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