Download Multiple Files or Links From Any Website In One Go

by Rohit Khurana on May 26, 2012


Many a times we need to download more than one link or files from a website on Internet and we have to follow the process to download each and every link one by one by clicking on it and selecting the option to save the file. There can be multiple scenarios like this, say downloading e-books or study content and images from your library website, downloading music or MP3 files from a websites, or downloading any other kind of files like images, videos, free softwares etc. It is usually a time consuming and lengthy process to do it one by one and does take lots of patience. In this article, I will share a simple solution with you with which you can download multiple files from any website by selecting all the files from the website / webpage and then download them all at once just by the click on a button!

download master for google chrome

The solution I am talking about in this article is a very small and light weight Google Chrome extension called the Download Master and when you open any webpage / website in chrome, it automatically crawls all the downloadable content on that page. It shows you options to manually select what all links/files you want to download by simply checking the boxes in front of these files. When you have selected all you want to Download, simply press the Download button and it starts to download all of them without any intervention from you. The downloads will take place normally and will be saved in the usual location and you can check all these downloads by simply checking the Download page in Google Chrome by pressing CTRL+J key on the keyboard.


download multiple files or links from any website

Unlike many other extensions and tools which we have seen earlier like Bulk Image Downloader and BYTubeD, the Download Master is a much simpler tool to download all kind of downloadable files from any webpage and it it is very light on resources as well being so light weight.

downloaded files

Using Download Master is simple and easy, just add it to your Google Chrome browser from the Chrome web-store here and it will show a small icon next to the wrench icon on the top right of the screen. Open the webpage from where you want to download multiple files, click on the Download Master icon and select the files, click Download button and it takes care of the rest. Hope you find this small tip useful, check out some more tips and tricks by TroubleFixers.

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