Dummy Virus Files On USB To Protect From Virus Infection

by Rohit Khurana on December 4, 2010


USB drives are one of the most important gifts of technology to us. Any one who works on a computer has got a USB drive in his inventory and it has been there for like a decade and nothing has been able to replace them yet and Yes, today also I will inform you a little bit more about USB drives. USB flash drives are normally removable and rewritable, also they are much smaller than a CD or a floppy disk, yet they can store much more data than them. Most of them weigh much less than 30gms and their storage capacities can be upto 256GB. Some drives allow more than 1 million write cycles and have a 10 year data retention cycle. Nowadays there is no need to carry a large briefcase or even a laptop for that matter and you can easily carry any file type you want if you have a USB flash drive with you.

Now with every pro there is a con and for that matter the con with USB drives is that, they are more vulnerable to viruses than any other data storage device since they are inserted and used on many different computers other than the owner’s. The problem with an antivirus is that it will work on a computer and it wont work on the USB drive itself. There had to be a solution for this and today we have found out that for you. So this is a new application called the USB dummy protect. What this little application does is that it creates a dummy.file and this file takes all the free space. This in turn leaves no free space for the virus to get into.



This is not an antivirus and this application fills all the free space available in the drive so that whenever you insert your USB drive into someone elses computer, you have to delete the dummy file in order to save some other file. This is a really simple logic as any other file would not be able to enter your USB drive without your permission.

It will not be able to protect you from all the things but still it is better to have something rather than nothing. Sometimes it doesn’t work if there is more than 2GB free space on your FAT drive or sometimes it just wont work as well. So I hope that all these bugs would be fixed in the upcoming updates and then it will work fine.

It is real easy to use this application as all you have to do is Unzip the .exe file and run it.

Download USB Dummy Protect v1.1.

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