Automatically Upload A File To FTP Server When Edited With Notepad ++

by Rohit Khurana on January 24, 2012


Many of the webmasters, website professionals, students and other users need to update files on FTP servers or web servers. These files are usually placed somewhere on the server which are downloaded using some FTP client like Filezilla etc. and are then edited in text editors like Notepad ++ or some other IDE environment. Once the file is updated, it is saved on the computer and transferred back to the webserver or server using FTP client. Many of the students, developers, webmasters are very much acquainted with the Notepad ++ Editor and use it frequently to change code of files, and its contents using Notepad ++. In this article, I am going to share an extension of Notepad ++ which can directly upload a file to FTP server by integrating a small FTP client into the Notepad Plus Plus itself.

Notepad Plus plus plugin manager

To directly download, edit and upload a file on the webserver right from inside the Notepad ++, you need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Install NppFTP Plugin – To install NPP FTP Plugin, click on Plugins > Plugin Manager and select the NppFTP plugin and click on the install button on this Window. After the plugin is downloaded and installed automatically, there will be a message asking for your permission to restart NPP for the plugin to take effect.

Notepad Plus plus plugin manager1

Notepad Plus plus plugin manager3

Step 2: Launch and Configure NppFTP – To launch NppFTP, go to Plugins > NppFTP > Show NppFTP, this will launch the in-built FTP client plugin on the right hand side pane which can be stretched to re-size as per the needs.

Notepad Plus plus plugin manager4

To Configure, click on the gear like settings icon on the NppFTP pane on the ride side of NPP Window and click on Profile settings.

NPPFTP Settings

On Profile settings Window, click Add New and add a suitable profile name for your FTP server.


NPPFTP Settings1

NPPFTP Settings2

In connection tab for your profile, type in the host name, username and password for FTP leaving other settings as default and close the profile window. The settings part is done.

NPPFTP Settings3

Step 3: Connecting to FTP Server and Editing- To edit a file from the FTP server, first of all, connect to the server by clicking on the Plug like icon on the top left of the NppFTP Plugin pane. It will show you the profile and click on the profile to connect with the server.

NPPFTP Connection

Once it is connected, it will show you server contents in the form of file and folder’s list. Browse to the file you need to edit.

NPPFTP Connection1

Once you have located the file to edit, right click on the file and click Download File this will download and open the file in Notepadd ++.

NPPFTP Connection2

You can now make changes and upload or download more files from the NppFTP pane to open it in Notepad++.

NPPFTP Connection3

Once you are done editing the file, simply save the file by clicking CTRL+S and the file will be automatically uploaded to the FTP server with modifications right from within the Notepadd++!

Isn’t that neat and quick. You need to follow the step 1 only once, step 2 only when you need to add a new server. Step 3 is fairly simple and fast and makes updating a file on website or webserver a whole lot more convenient.

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