Show Selected App Notifications On Windows 8 Lock Screen

by Rohit Khurana on December 15, 2012


Windows 8 is quickly becoming very popular in new tablets and touch screen devices, more and more people use them to browse internet and work on the go. One very useful purpose of such devices is to quickly check the summary of the activities like calendar notifications, email alerts etc. in a quick glance. Windows 8 lock screen, which comes before the password screen just when you start the Windows 8 tablet, computer or phone does contain some notifications. These notifications are generated by some background apps which keep running and keep notifying you of important data, for example calendar app notifying you of today’s meetings, or email app telling you how many emails are unread etc. In this article, I share with you how you can enable or disable certain apps from showing notifications.

Add Apps to Windows 8 Lock Screen (1)

Enable, Disable or Change Windows 8 Lock Screen Notifications

In the above picture, you can notice 3 unread emails notification right on the lock screen below the date. To change the notifications or allow or disallow notifications from certain application, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > PC Settings > Personalize. In the personalize options, go to lock screen apps and you will see small tiles there. Each tile represents an app which shows notification on the lock screen.


Add Apps to Windows 8 Lock Screen (2)

Step 2: To add a tile, click on the + symbol and select an app from the list. All the supported apps are shown in the list. To change or remove an existing app, you can click on the existing app icons to change or remove them,

Add Apps to Windows 8 Lock Screen (1)

This is quite simple and easy process. Similarly, you can even choose one app to show detailed status like calendar to show details of the meetings right on the lock screen without the need to unlock the device and enter the password to check all the details. Please make sure you consider your privacy before making these changes as such information maybe visible to anyone who can see your Windows 8 tablet or computer or phone.

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